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Gift list basics

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What's a gift List?

Here's the deal - You are getting married and probably moving into a new place. You are going to need a lot of stuff. New china, an oven, linens, lights and a coffee table are just a few of the things that you and your partner will need to start off your new life together.

A gift list, traditionally known as the gift registry in the US (list sounds more fun) is a list of items compiled by a person or a couple or a group of friends and family and then shared with anyone who intends to give a gift on the special occasion. It saves the guests from having to worry about and wasting time and money by gifting something that is either not required or a duplication.

A gift list is for any event that warrants a gift, like your friend's birthday, your mom's birthday, a housewarming, graduation, a college reunion, a family reunion, the coming of a newborn. The news of the coming of a newborn Any gift needs a thought behind it.

A list is there to make this easier. It also saves the receiver from being in the uncomfortable position of having to exchange or return an unwanted gift.


Trust us, the gift list is the most exciting part of the occasion. Make yours now!