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Gift list basics

We are excited to have you over! Know all about us and gift lists below

Reasons To Love Giftorie

No duplication

You want to get what you want, but you might not want to get it again. 'Extra' gifts take extra time and space to manage.

Easy on the guests

We have all been to celebrations and parties where we don't know what's the best idea for a gift. Most guests find it much easier to gift items from a list than having to guess.


You can list products from almost any store on the internet. We wouldn't want you missing out on something specific. With us, you can even add products from stores that do not have an online store.


Knowing what you are going to get will help you prepare for the upcoming life changes, in just the way you have dreamt.

Anywhere, anytime

Walking, reading, writing, sleeping, jumping, or any other time when you think of something to add to your list, you can do so through your smartphone. The site is extremely easy to use on any device.

We've got some ideas too

Head over to our inspiration boards where our resident gift experts have some great advice and suggestions on your next gift.

Right when you want them

You choose when and where you want your gifts to be delivered. You can even have a different time and address for delivery of each gift. You could be taking the baby out for a tour right after his or her birthday. There's always a honeymoon after the wedding. Schedule the delivery according to your plans.


You could make multiple lists, so you could share one with your girlfriends who might want to give you something risqué and another with your aunts and uncles.

Easily shareable

If you are feeling hesitant to share the list, you can simply mention the list URL in your wedding microsite or print it at the bottom of the invitation card. You could even ask a friend or even Giftorie to share the list with your guests.

Be there in spirit

There's always an event that you absolutely have to go to and can't You could be out of town, sick, busy or even lazy. You can still gift something special off the list and make your friend's day.

We help you thank your guests

You are a guest of ours and we keep track of who gave you what and who you need to thank, so you don't forget yours.

Your own private bucket list

Make a list of things on the internet or not on the internet that you want to buy. And slowly, tick them off.

We're always here for you

Anything keeping you up at night? Mail it in. We really do care.