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Gift list basics

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Gift List Etiquette

For the Gift List Maker

Start early

We recommend getting your list out to your guests two months in advance of your wedding day. Your friends will need plenty of time to plan for and purchase the gifts. Go through and update your list two weeks before the big day so you can add anything more if necessary.

Have something for everyone

Make sure your list is longer than you need.Your guests will love options. You must also make room for your close friends and relatives who might want to be extra generous by selecting a suitable mix of gifts. We recommend having at least 2 gifts per guest across a wide price range so they have a choice.

Think of everything

This is the etiquette towards your spouse. The gifts you get will determine your post wedding lifestyle. Keep your spouse in confidence when making the list. There are things that you would love to have or do and there are things the both of you would love to have and do together.

Say 'Thank You'

After a memorable event, it's easy to forget the all-important thank you card. We provide a thank-you list which allows you to keep track of what has been gifted and by whom, so you can show your gratitude.

For the Guests

Read the fine print

Check the return and exchange policy on your gift. You don't want the newlyweds or the motherto-be to fret over a tight deadline to exchange the gift.

Let it be special

Take a few extra seconds to go through the entire list and find your best match. You could even make a suggestion to the owner of the list to add something.

Be thoughtful

After you have bought the perfect gift off the list, please make sure you immediately mark it as purchased. Someone else might pick the same thing if not notified.