All you excited new mommies…. unleash your kid’s wacky birthday bash with us! Here is a quick checklist for organising amazing home birthday parties.

  • Choose a fun theme like Pokémon, Spiderman, Disney, Jungle, Little Man etc. and let your child have fun to the moon! It will make your party more fun and creative and help you decide your cake, costumes, and decorations around that theme.
  • Prepare the guest list
  • Appoint an entertainer to plan the activities and entertainment for the kids and guests and arrange for tattoo artists.
  • Finalize the venue and the date

3 weeks to go!

  • It’s time to put your thinking caps on and roll the magic wand…design funny yet cute theme based invitations and roll it out to the guests via emails or text messages or phone calls.
  • Plan the decorations around the theme – order supplies such as balloons, hats, cups, paper plates, photo booth props, party whistles, tiaras, caps, table covers, glasses and other stuff
  • Decide the menu and place an order with the caterer if needed
  • Order 2 cakes, as one is for the smash game….surely your child would love it!
  • Buy return gifts for kids based on the theme and also buy gifts for the winners of activities that you have planned for the birthday.
  • pick the costume basis the theme. Style your lil monster into a Pirate or a Princess or may be Spiderman

A couple of days before the birthday

  • Confirm the order for the cake, decorations, entertainer
  • Check the costume and make sure to highlight the dress with suitable accessories like eye patch, tiaras, masks, goggles, hats, gloves!
  • Arrange the gifts and supplies at one place
  • Keep the camera ready or book a photographer

It’s the birthday!

  • Keep the cake, candles, knifes, plates, paper napkins, cups handy
  • Check the decorations and arrange for tattoo booths
  • Arrange the gifts in one corner
  • Follow up with the entertainer for the activities he’s planned for the party
  • Check on the food menu
  • Welcome the guests
  • Click pictures
  • Bid adieu to the returning cute li’l bunny bugs and give them return gifts.
  • Say thank you!