People will tell you, ‘Oh, It’s never too late to do that. You have your whole life ahead of you’. In school, they tell you to buckle in for now; college will be all fun and frolic. In college some might suggest that having a job allows you freedom like no other. This is utter hogwash. There will come a time, when you will not have your whole life ahead of you.

For those of you who do not believe in leaving stuff for the afterlife, here’s a list of things to (continue to) live it up!

Buy that Instrument

A guitar can open new worlds for you. A men’s health study states that a guitar can help you relieve stress. A guitar also helps in attracting attractive strangers in office or while you’re backpacking your way through Eastern Europe.

A bag for your stuff

All your friends from college will not move to wherever you are. Keep a bag handy for when you suddenly decide to go see them over the weekend.

You’re going to be going everywhere

This handy water-proof tool, will let you document your life wherever you find yourself.

Free falling!

Test your mettle over a 160m high tropical gorge. It’s not too far either. Our gorgeous neighbour Nepal is host to one of the tallest Bungee jumps in Asia.

Carry some green with you

Greenery is usually left behind at college campuses. Grow some of your own.

A coffee machine or a tea kettle (whichever way you swing)

It’s time to make some of your own. No more mid night canteens.

Get a car or a bike

Public transportation has to end at some point right?

Use that car or bike to go on a road trip

Pick a place nearby. Collect the friends that are willing and go for it. The friends that do not want to kill you after the trip are the friends you might want to keep for the rest of your life.

Go to a themed dinner

Buy a blazer that’s good for work and a party. Dressing is half, actually more than half the job.

Clear your student loan (if you have one)

Sooner the burden is off, the better

You can even put all this and more onto your graduation gift list and get parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and whoever cares to contribute. After all, You Only Live Once 😉