For all new parents afflicted with the wanderlust, here is the list you’ve been waiting for: A guide to travelling with those notorious new-borns!

Breast pump kit

As the WHO says ‘breast is best’ but for the travelling Mommy, some help’s sure welcome! An electric breast pump is a gift from the heavens: it gives you the hands free freedom to pump and store, when the baby is sleeping or when you plan to leave the baby at a babysitters for a couple of hours.

Just follow the ‘Rule of Five’:

Breast milk can be left out for 5 hours at normal room temperature; can be refrigerated for 5 days; will last for 5 months in a standard freezer.

Bottle sterilizer

The only bug that you want your little one to catch is the travel bug! The itinerant baby is exposed to many germs and bacteria. And the last thing that you want to deal with on a trip, is a sick cranky baby. Welcome to steam sterilizers that can be used for bottles, feeding bowls, spoons and medicine measuring cups…anything that goes in the baby’s mouth has got to be sterilized! Most sterilizers have multiple sections that can be detached depending on your requirement.

Digital video baby monitor with LED screen

There’s no reason why you should get left out on all the fun that your friends are having in the hotel room next door, just because your baby is fast asleep in your room. Just plug in the transmitter within ten feet of baby’s crib and place the video monitor where you plan to be around. It will not only relay every sound that the baby makes but also display every turn he takes. Rest assured.

Stroller cum car seat

With an infant, a stroller that doubles up as a car seat is a God send! Walking around while travelling is inevitable, but a stroller makes it that much easier and fun. Switch a few levers and it transforms into a car seat that can hold a squirming baby securely in place in a moving car. Designed for flexibility of use, this stroller has reversible handles so that the baby can face you, hooded seat to protect from strong sunlight, cushioned seat for complete support to the baby’s neck, back and shoulders. Watch your little one enjoy his comfortable rides!

Microwave steam sterilizer bags:

Do you prefer travelling light and want something that fits in your knapsack? Try these travel friendly steam Sterilizer Bags instead of an actual bottle sterilizer. These reusable bags are designed to sterilize all Dr.Brown’s baby bottles and parts. Just add water to the bottle parts in the plastic bags and microwave on high for a couple of minutes and you’re done!

Essential baby toys

In no time this little newborn is going to turn into a cooing playful bundle of joy! Make sure you have these toys that stimulate their brain development and gross motor skills. These rattles can be strapped onto the newborn infant’s wrists and feet to provide endless hours of entertainment while you are on the go.

Another great invention is the projection soother that is known to pacify many a cranky baby on a difficult never-ending night. This ingenious one doubles up as a musical mobile to be hooked onto the side of baby’s stroller! Sweet dreams!

Diaper bag

On the go as a working mom, we need bags that don’t label us as moms. If that thought resonates with you here is the answer to your needs.

This bag in a unisex colour of blue is spacious, has a changing mat, has separate compartments for laptops and files, is waterproof and has a stroller attachment hook too! Someone finally thought of everything!

Travel system

A change station, a bassinet, and a diaper bag all rolled into one – that in a nutshell describes this delightful travel station. An ultimate companion for itinerant parents who don’t want compromise on their travel plans just because they are accompanied by a baby.

Electric kettle

Though most hotels offer this in their rooms, yet this kettle can be a very handy piece of equipment to keep by your side. Choose one that doubles up as an oats porridge or khichdi maker. You will never have to worry about your baby going hungry again

When you are done with your shopping list, you can ponder on the travel arrangements for your baby. Selection of the accommodation will depend on how child friendly the hotel or resort is. Apart from the tariffs, location and the basic hygiene, checking out their pest control and their in-room menus is a good idea. Also furniture with sharp corners, French windows, balconies with easy access, windows without grills are obvious no-nos.

Consider the clothing that she will need. Depending on where you are headed to, the weather forecast and your baby’s preference, you will need to pack in essential garments and accessories like caps, coats, gloves, mufflers, rompers and shoes. Throw in essential skin care products like sun-screen, moisturiser, wet wipes and hand sanitizers and you are ready to jet-set around the world!