Before the stork comes calling, hectic preparations to decorate the nursery are underway. Here is your lowdown on the basics of a comfortable nursery.

Crib / Bed

Most Indian parents are pretty much divided on this issue. While some prefer making the baby sleep in a separate crib (a young mother confided in us that she was very scared that she might just suffocate the baby in her sleep!), others swear that good habits begin early – so the baby sleeps in her cot from almost day one.

If you prefer a separate cot, choose one that has an adjustable base height, so that teeny weeny new borns can be placed higher up and prevent back pains from frequent bending down. Fidgety older ones can be barricaded at a lower base height. The paint used on the furniture should be non-toxic, since babies lick everything in sight. Read the fine print to make a sensible selection of furniture that conforms to standard regulations. Adequately spaced bars, heavy base to prevent toppling over are other important features.

If you prefer a bed over a cot, make sure you install side railings to prevent babies from rolling off the bed.

Changing station

When space is at a premium, it makes sense to select a changing table that doubles up as a dresser with handy drawers and shelves. Select one that comes up somewhere between the hip and waist level to facilitate easy and comfortable nappy changing times. Belts to secure the baby would be an added plus point. Also it should be stable to prevent tipping over.

Cozy accent chair

Consider buying a cozy yet stylish accent chair with armrests for the nursing mom. Make sure you choose one that gives her enough space along with a baby who is going to grow rapidly. There is a huge choice available online and in brick and mortar furniture stores. An ergonomically designed one with adequately soft cushioning to support the mother’s back is a good choice. It is at this time that most back ailments arise.


Pacing the floor while pacifying a distraught baby is hard work and aching feet deserve some well earned rest. An ottoman is indispensable for a young mother looking for some respite. Put your feet up and relax!

Mattresses, pillows and cushions

New borns are so little that nursing mothers need pillows and cushions to prop them up. Prefer polyester fibre filling because it’s thicker but lighter, keeps you warm without the weight. It’s non-breathable but resists mould and mildew.

Storage units

With children no amount of storage ever seems adequate! It’s amazing how kids that small arrive with so much baggage! Wardrobes with multiple drawers and well demarcated sections for organizing garments and accessories are preferred. And while choosing a cupboard decorated with cute teddy bears, remember, kids grow up very fast!

Side tables

If you have not been using side-tables till now, well it’s probably time to change your mind! Side tables provide easy access to little things that make our life easier. A basket full of wipes, thermometer, diaper cream, moisturiser, towel napkin….anything that you use too frequently to be kept back into the drawer, goes right there.


Feeding times can be boring so buy a lamp that mom can switch on to read a book, without disturbing the baby. Consider floor lamps as they can be easily pushed behind sturdier furniture once the baby starts crawling. Table lamps are useful but get yanked off soon enough by adventurous toddlers!

An ideal nursery should be spacious, airy with a lot of natural light filtering in at all times of the day. Keep in mind childproofing tips for windows, doors, drawers and corners of the tables. Create a dreamland that your child and you will cherish for a lifetime!